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When I wrote this song about 6 months before Levi passed away, I did not realize it was going to be for me. I was sitting on the couch right where the sun peeks through the window watching my kids play and the words to the chorus came rushing. I pulled open my phone and started typing.
The rest of the words followed within the next few days as I went about my daily routine. The music came quickly after.
I didn't know the full purpose of this song until I lost my beautiful Levi. This song is meant for anyone that needs the Lord to help guide their path; anyone feeling so much pain they don't know where to turn. Everyone has a different path within their own journey, but everyone needs the Lord. Through him all is possible.
-CC Sampson
Download this independently owned song on itunes and Amazon Music.  All of the proceeds go to the Live for Levi Foundation.

CC's Tribute - "Show Me How": What We Do
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