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Levi Sampson was more than a boy...he was an experience. He lived life fearlessly wherever he went. His larger than life attributes included his bright powerfully piercing blue eyes and his stalwart determination. He was often found wearing his “Superman Pants” (gym shorts), old shin guards he found in the garage, possible swimming goggles on his forehead, and to him a shirt and a pair of shoes were optional.

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He had a warriors presence in all he did. If you left him out of the action he would throw a fit along with anything else he had in his hands. When you would return he would greet you with open arms and say “you came back to me.” He loved sports and you couldn’t keep his brave soul off the field.


Levi preferred to go to sleep (if you can call it that) on the floor near the bottom of our bed. He would wake us multiple times a night and ask “Has the sun waked up yet?” He loved to live and as soon as that sun was up he was off on an adventure outside collecting his beloved “Maui Sticks.” These were random sticks he would find around the yard. He would hold one of these sticks in his hand and chase bad guys out of site. When playing with him you learned early on not to be the “bad guy.”



Levi was precious to all who knew him. He died a warrior's death while riding his bike near our home on July 19, 2017 at about 3pm. Shortly after he was struck by our dear neighbor's car, a massive rain storm flooded over 100 homes in the surrounding neighborhood.

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Our family believes there are no accidents, only the experiences of life that come our way. How we choose to respond and DO GOOD in the face of adversity is what defines our character and who we really are. Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “The most acceptable service to God is doing good to man.”

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We invite all who read this to DO GOOD and Live for Levi. This is how we have chosen to honor our son and find meaning in his passing. How will you honor those you love and those who have come before you?

Who is Levi?: Meet the Team
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